I know I donít work on this space all too often, but hopefully I can finish documenting the trips that Iíve already been on. I havenít been able to go anywhere as of late because I donít have a steady income, but in the near future Iím looking forward to making that money and seeing those sites!

Lately, I've taken my love for music one step further by traveling to see my favorite acts. In 2012, I left the country for the first time to see Tackey & Tsubasa in Tokyo for their 10th anniversary! Fortunately, more Jpop and Kpop acts are coming to the states while on tour, and while I'm thankful for that, I intend to do more travel that revolves more around the artists. All sight-seeing and attractions are an added bonus and come second on these excursions! That also takes the stress out of planning the perfect getaway. :)


When I first heard Janet Jackson's ESCAPADE, I fell in love. Who wouldn't want to just spend the weekend with a loved one and unwind? Fun times! RUNAWAY is also a catchy song! See the travel references?

It's my goal to see the highest ferris wheels in the world and records for the tallest ones are broken nearly on a yearly basis. I'm really excited because this will keep me busy for a while. :D I like seeing things from a higher altitude, although I'm terrified of heights. Maybe this is a way for me to overcome my fear? I'm not all that concerned about finding the reason; it's the feeling that I revel in!